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The search for global inventions, affordable yet innovative health care solutions for emerging economy is inspiration to us.

In 1352 when Tommaso da Modena painted Cardinal Hugo wearing pair of magnifier before his eves for better readability of a paper in his hands, little he would have realised that he has seeded a technology race that ended up as spectacles in year 1200 to foldable IOLs of 20th century.

In 1920s Erle Dicksen used an adhesive tape to stick cotton balls to dress his wife’s wound and eventually made up to Vice President of J&J.

Dr.MS Valiathan dreamed of what would be a global first jewel heart and delivered to the world an excellent heart valve from an Indian S&T platform.

It is these inspirations which will drive us in Trumed, to be True to all stake holders, as the omega of all efforts has to be the best patient care solution.

Our Objective

State of the art, yet affordable medical devices

Our Business model

Cluster based delivery centres

Our work style

QAS - "Quality Attention Safety" expressed in all our activities

Our Esteemed Clients

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