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Reputed Hospitals across India in Government, Corporate, Private are Trumed users. Some of their accreditations are highlighted below

I have been using Trumist mister-blower during CABG and found the gadget to be quiet useful. I was told that its cost is also less … May 2019, Dr Dilip Kumar Mishra, Senior Consultant, Apollo Heart Institutes

Very much satisfied with quality and performance of 5 BCDs made by Medicolifesciences, that were used during November 2016 ..Dr Gee Varghese K Mathew, Kerala

Excellent achievement of intended myocardial temperature in our review of 5 BCDs made by Medicolifesciencess , used during November 2016 .. Mr.Philip Thomas, Perfusionist, St Gregorious Cardiovascular centre, Kerala

Excellent performance and no post op issues with Medicolifescience BCD used on 16 days old male child patient with TAPVC ... Ms Sindhu, Perfusionist, Bharat Hospital, Kerala

Our Esteemed Clients

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